• DIDSS Brochure

    DIDSS Brochure cover

    These comprehensive brochures explain what DIDSS does in a way that really engages and motivates men to pick up the phone and get the help they need. Could you help distribute them?


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  • DIDSS Posters

    YOU could provide the vital link connecting dads in distress to the support we provide, just by putting a poster up at your work place, club, school, agency, courthouse or other strategic location.

    There is a choice of two posters.

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  • Victoria Legal Aid

    Victoria Legal Aid

    You and family law: a short guide


    There are a host of relevant guides on the Victoria Legal Aid site, but this booklet is for anyone who is thinking about or going through separation and needs basic information on family law. It has information about:


    • how to get a divorce or separate from your partner
    • what to do if there is family violence
    • sorting out your arrangements through dispute resolution rather than going to court
    • making arrangements for your children
    • dividing your property
    • where to get help

  • Legal Aid Queensland

    This site also contains legal advice and information relevant to separation. Click here to view.

    • EXAMPLE: Deciding the children's best interests
    • Relationships
    • Family & domestic violence
    • Family law principles
    • Family dispute resolution
    • Child protection
    • Children - arrangements
    • Children - moving, location and recovery
    • Going to court
    • Child support
    • Property - married and de facto

  • Legal Aid New South Wales

    Legal Aid NSW


    These factsheets assist families in matters such as divorce, property, making arrangements for sharing children, and child support.

    • Child Support and Maintenance
    • Family dispute resolution
    • Family violence and victims of crime
    • Going to court
    • How Commonwealth family law works
    • Property
    • Removal, location and recovery of Children
    • Separation, domestic relationships and divorce
    • Children and parenting orders
    • Domestic Violence NSW
    • Getting legal help
    • Registering and Changing names
    • Wills


  • Legal Aid ACT

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  • Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission

    Click here for website information

  • Legal Services Commission of South Australia

    Click here for website resources

  • Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania

    Click here for website information

  • Legal Aid Western Australia

    Click here for website resources

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